AboutAu MiT POLL

Au MiT POLL is affiliated with Research Institute of Assumption University (since 1982) which has been serving Thai business community and international corporations by offering a wide range of business research services.

Vision and Mission


We emphasize on creation of and development on its resources as effectively and efficiently in order to produce its service facility both quality and meaningful to Au MiT Myanmar community, national community, and international community.


To conduct institutional research for the university,
  • To conduct research and to provide research advisory to external organizations.
  • To provide research advisory to the university’s personnel and units.
  • To provide academic research services to society.
  • To create research collaborations domestically and internationally.

Quality is success, so Au MiT POLL lays its hands on quality control in order to guarantee the accuracy of research as the following issues:

  1. Research project design: by indication research objectives, research framework, research hypothesis, and research problem using simulation technique
  2. Research tools construction: by referring to operational definitions and testings for research tool quality
  3. Sample size calculation: by using various sample size calculating techniques to the right target of population and represent the interesting population
  4. Research sample approaching: by using appropriate sampling design techniques
  5. Data collection: by having expert and experienced researchers to well train and control fieldwork teams as well as initial edit data according to Au MiT POLL’s standard
  6. Research network and service: by creating research network nationwide with research knowledge and skill
  7. Data analysis: by using the right statistic to the level of data measures for accuracy on data analysis

Research report writing: by interpretation of result from data analysis meaningful and right according to research objectives / research hypothesis

To facilitate its personnel to work effectively and efficiently, Au MiT POLL has been divided its functional work into 3 main parts

  • Research Service Development Department: Coordinating with customers to provide fast and convenient service as well as do PR work to make Au MiT POLL well known.
  • Research Development and Planning Department:
      Studying research project and developing body of knowledge,
      Planning, controlling and maintaining quality of research project
      Controlling quality of research work and research auditing
      Developing and managing both domestic and international research networks to have effective and efficient research works.
  • Office Management: Managing and controlling internal facilitates such as research library, financial division, and general facilitates to be smooth and ready to employ.
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