Christmas Party

Coffee Club Activity (Mandalay)

Coffee Club Activity (Yangon)

Knowledge Sharing Session

Mental Health awareness

Study Tour (Fame Pharmaceuticals)

Study Tour (Fame Organic Farm - Pyin Oo Lwin)

Study Tour (Mandalay)

Study Tour (Pepsi Myanmar)

Study Tour (Yangon)

Warso Thingan Activity

Excursions to Industrial Centers

In every academic year, our students are privileged to pay a visit to industrial centers to be able to put the theoretical foundations learned in classes into practice in a real- world setting by observing the various processes of how the raw materials are transformed into the finished goods. While making such observations, the seasoned professionals and practitioners from the industry share and explain the detailed working process of each section to our students.

Campus Tour at Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand

In every academic year, the undergraduate students enjoy the unique opportunity of exploring the Suvarnabhumi campus of the Assumption University.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities

The Au MiT Myanmar University provides a positive contribution to the society by awarding scholarships to promising and outstanding youths who are determined to contribute to their community and develop knowledge that will make a difference in the whole Myanmar and across the globe.

Excursions to Bangkok, Thailand

Once a year, our students are taken to Bangkok, Thailand which is one of the leading economic countries in Southeast Asia.   While on a guided tour on this campus, our students are explained regarding the cultures and religions of Thailand as well as the Thai citizens’ value contribution to their nation.